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“November Gale” is on display at the Alverno Art & Cultures Gallery through March 2, 2023. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:00am – 4:00pm. https://www.alverno.edu/gallery



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I am retired from a career in print and imaging. It’s been a compelling and lucky arc of experience spanning analog though digital. Film to pixels. The love of paper, ink and print constant. Today’s archival ink-on-paper is a joy. I now have the luxury to pursue personal imaging and printing projects.

Photography has been a persistent passion. 

As a child and young adult I helped out in by dad’s studio business in Chicago. He was a commercial artist, photographer, and photo-retoucher. I have a body of work that spans fifty plus years. Staring with B/W Tri-X and Plus-X film. In the early 1970’s I was able to acquire a Nikon FTn. That launched many years of Kodachrome. An emulsion to capture your soul. I am now reviewing and scanning. It’s exciting to see the reflection of subject and capture style over time. How I see though the lens. There are distinct threads of observation that span the decades. The majority of my digital work has been captured over the life of the iPhone camera. Only recently have I jumped back into Nikon full frame digital with the Z6.

I am just now beginning to share my work beyond friends and family. Fleshing out a website and pursuing opportunities to show prints. I appreciate a wide range to treatments: traditional matted, mounted on Masonite, face mounted plexiglass, assemblies of cut and glued prints on canvas or  linen board, and starting with fabric printing this year. Building up pallet of options and technique in today’s very rich environment.